BCIT Racing is a student team that participates in Baja SAE design competitions held across North America.

The club’s mission is to represent BCIT in high-level competition, raising the profile of the school’s engineering programs on an international level. Additionally, BCIT Racing aims to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mentorship between students in multiple programs and levels, as they work together towards a common goal.

BCIT Racing was founded in 2014, and made its debut competition appearance at the 2015 Oregon Baja event. Despite a lack of experience in SAE competition, and minimal testing time, the team’s first car passed technical inspection and entered the main endurance race. Several major mechanical failures occurred at this event, including a broken gearbox, however the team rose to the occasion, repairing the car each time, and returning it to the race. BCIT Racing returned from Oregon with many valuable lessons learned, and team leadership immediately initiated plans for improvement.

Over the course of the 2015-2016 season, many updates and improvements were made to the V1 car, including a strengthened steering system, a rebuilt gearbox, and redesigned braking and electrical systems. The updated car was packed in the back of a pickup truck, and driven across the continent, to compete in Rochester, N.Y..  Thanks to an improved vehicle and valuable veteran experience, the team completed all dynamic events and nearly doubled its previous event score. Home again with even more lessons learned, BCIT Racing is currently underway on a brand new redesign for a V2 car. Stay tuned and visit our blog for updates!



Baja SAE is an international collegiate design competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Each season, students are challenged to design and manufacture a durable, economic, and competitive off-road vehicle, present it to judges, and then subject it to dynamic testing and endurance racing.

This vehicle is intended to act as a prototype for a hypothetical product production run, so teams are judged not only for performance in dynamic tests of maneuverability and endurance, but also for demonstrating their preparation, organization and knowledge in sales and design presentations.

Participation in Baja SAE exposes students to a variety of engineering roles, including design, planning, leadership, and manufacturing – not only preparing team members for work in industry, but also giving them the invaluable advantage of relevant first-hand experience.