V1 Pedal Box Upgrade

The 2016 Pedal Box Team was given the task of redesigning the pedal box. It was determined that BCIT Racing’s current setup has areas where improvements could be made. The key areas for improvement are weight reduction, improving braking performance, and giving the driver better pedal “feel” by altering the pedal ratio.


Reducing the pedal box weight involved downsizing the pedals and cutting out material wherever possible. An innovative sheet metal design is proposed for doing this, as it enables extensive weight optimization.

Although our team consists of automotive enthusiasts who are very knowledgeable regarding road cars, we are unfamiliar with racing and off-road vehicles. This is why the first iteration of our pedal box design considers driver comfort to be as the most important factor.

In the initial design shown in figure 1 we had a single foot control setup, which is common in road vehicles, but not ideal for off-road racing.

After more research, our team met during the winter break and came up with a new design that better suits the needs of a Baja SAE vehicle. In our seventh and final iteration, shown in Figure 2, we have a two-footed control system. This is beneficial as it lets the driver to control both acceleration and braking simultaneously, allowing for quicker reactions and finer control.


Now the next phase of our project is to produce manufacturing drawings and start turning our design into reality!


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